WWE Immortals is is a fighting game that depicts the professional wrestling WWE. This game is available on both Android and iOS. NetherRealm Studios launched this game no January 15, 2015. The game is available for free in the both app stores. It has arrived bringing with it your favorite (albeit ridiculous) wrestling heroes. But now you’re into the game, maybe you’re hoping to find a few tips and tricks for getting credits, stamina or materials without having to spend your hard earned cash. There are of course some strategic tips which we have offered here, but for those who just want to get ahead in WWE Immortals (even if it requires some cheating) we’ve found an awesome new hack by a reputable member of the SinfuliPhone community that will give you unlimited credits, stamina and materials for WWE Immortals on your iPhone or iPad. The trick is a hack, but doesn’t require jailbreaking. Just a computer, a free software and your gaming device.

Learn how to have unlimited WWE Immortals Credits and Stamina for Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS.

Hacking WWE Immortals game is as easy as counting one, two and three with the WWE Immortals Trainer. All you need to do is use the trainer to patch your game and have unlimited Immortal Credits and Stamina, so you can unlock all characters including the more powerful ones like Evolved John Cena, Hound of Justice Roman Reigns, and King of Kings Triple H with their complete gears or talents and upgrade them into max legendary rank (EVII). No root or jailbreak needed, just use these WWE Immortals cheats and rank yourself to the top of the leaderboard or tournaments.


If you are wondering how some players are able to amass battle points (BP) with little playing time or able to unlock each of the top tier characters in bronze, silver and gold category, boosting them into legendary with max level and gears, then chances are that they are probably cheating. Some players even exploit the game, having two characters fighting at the same time or having characters go invisible. While it’s harder (or near impossible) to defeat these players with normal gaming, it is easier when you cheat the game yourself. Do not worry though as we will be teaching you how you can easily hack and cheat WWE Immortals game, so you can beat the crap out of these players.

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The hack works by giving you unlimited Immortal Credits and Stamina. The unlimited credits works by adding millions of credits (over 7 millions plus Immortal Credits) to your game account. While the credits are added, your credits does not even decrease if you buy packs for example a Gold Pack which contains a random high-tier Gold WWE Immortal and an assortment of bonus cards or purchase talents or even unlock characters. It does increase if you fight in battles and earn credits.

For the Stamina hack, you do not need to recharge your stamina anymore, as you will continuously have an infinite amount of stamina. This means that your character’s stamina is always at full. Battling requires stamina, and with the stamina hack you have all the stamina to fight and complete challenges.

WWE Immortals Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Immortal Credits (Never run out of credits for WWE Immortals.)
  • Unlimited Stamina (Keeps your character’s stamina always at full. No Stamina Recharge needed.)
  • Free Shopping/Store Mod (Purchase Bronze Pack, Gear Pack, Silver Pack, Special Gold Pack, Gold Pack, Characters, Talent Cards, etc.)
  • Works for all Android and iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (WWE Immortals must be installed and supported on device.)
  • Works without rooting or jailbreaking your device.

WWE Immortals Hacking Instructions:

1. Connect first your Android or iOS device (where WWE Immortals is installed and have existing game data) to computer using USB.

2. Start and run the WWE Immortals Trainer.

3. Click on the “Connect” button on the top menu.

4. Wait for the trainer to detect your device and successfully check your WWE Immortals game data.

5. Check the WWE Immortals “Unlimited Immortal Credits” and “Unlimited Stamina”. (Note that if you want to turn off the cheats, then you will need to repeat steps 1 to 4, while unchecking the options for “Unlimited Immortal Credits” and “Unlimited Stamina”.

6. Click on the “Start Hack” button.

7. Wait for the trainer to finish patching and modding your WWE Immortals game, then unplug/disconnect your device.

8. Open and check your app for the enabled “WWE Immortals cheats”.

 Download WWE Immortals Hack Cheats Tool: